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OPSGEAR® was started modestly in the founders home garage. After a few months there was so much traffic to the local neighborhood that the city asked him to move to a commercial location. The daily pickups and deliveries of this home based business continued on as the company went from a couple employees, a few dollars a month and a garage, to dozens of team members, 20,000 combined square feet of space, and millions of dollars a year in sales.

OPSGEAR® ships worldwide and has really focused on solving the problem related to what gear to buy. Everything we sell has for the most part been tested and proven in the field. While some companies bring on the full line of a vendors products at OPSGEAR® we hand pick our product offering to match the needs in a specific category of gear.

in 2002 the Urban Warfare Center® was established as a premier force-on-force training facility Thousands of soldiers, airman, federal agents and police have been trained in the dynamics of conflict in this elite facility.  Thios facility is open to Military, Police and Civilians.

We have a division called OPSMEDIA® that has been the core for our dynamic web presence, multiple commercial DVD releases, a world class web presence and classic print/web advertisements.

We have given thousands of donated hours of service to our military, police and rescue communities. We recently supported the relief mission in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. One of our latest feel good projects is the video/seminar series call FREE Tactical Tips. This dynamic program has trained old and young alike to avoid danger and survive a lethal confrontation. This has also been completely done FREE with donated time, materials and talent.

We are glad to give back to our communities and look forward to serving you at any of our locations or through any of our focus areas.

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