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Defensive Tactics VI Taking Weapons

In this follow up to Volume 3 David Burnell will show you how to disarm an attacker. Weapons are dangerous without exception. When dealing with knives or other weapons, your BEST solution is avoidance, compliance, and escape. When cornered or being assaulted, your hasty response needs to be based upon short, fast and broad movements. This DVD shows you the quick and simple methods to take away weapons and/or escape when under attack. David has trained thousands of military and police in edged weapons, and his no-bull, straight-forward approach to these defensive tactics may save your life.

Decades in the making, these DVDs are based on the best practices from Military Special Operations, Competitive Martial Arts and Street Fighting. This new Defensive Tactics Series presented by OPSGEAR® simplifies Self Defense in a way that has not been available in the past. These DVDs demystify the confusion and complexity of defending yourself. All ages, sizes, both male and female will benefit from this easy to apply and life saving system. The ONLY things that operate effectively under the pressure of an assault are the timeless principles of defense that are based on what you will do instinctively. To defend yourself and get away from an attacker you must leverage what your body is producing during the "fear" response. This Defensive Tactics system aligns itself with your natural responses to stress and fear. If you can walk or raise your arm above your head, then you can apply these simple techniques. Defending yourself should NOT be a mystery, it should be an immediate response to the relevant threat, measured and designed to help you escape.